Managed Digital Marketing Service Provider

Now offer your clients digital marketing services with your web design brand.

All-in-one outbound solution

Offer Your Customers Additional Services

Create new revenue streams, hassle free. We do all the work.

  • MKTG-Tools customized digital marketing services allows you to offer SEO and other web services to your customers
  • Digital marketing content available for you to use
  • Pick and choose from ready-made shopping carts or customize your own
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How Does It Work?

We've created a hassle-free process so you can focus on design!

  • Provide us with a digital marketing email address from your domain
  • We use standard email template communication with your clients and you can monitor this inbox as you wish
  • SEO reports will be sent to your client with your logo on the documents showing that the work is coming from your company
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A Simplistic SEO Sign-up Process

Your clients will be able to have SEO services provided to them in no time!

  • An SEO request form will be provided to you for your clients
  • Our team will review the form and create SEO reports
  • We then provide them with the recommended amount of keywords in our packages
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Experienced Technical Support Staff

We provide email support for all your digital marketing clients

  • We have SEO, Google and Facebook AdWords, social media management, and blog content support personnel
  • Our support staff monitors all of your customers digital marketing projects
  • We have top-tier digital marketing tools to provide your customers with excellent service
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Services You Can Offer


  1. Improve search engine ranking position with content optimization
  2. Back-link analysis, page-error fixing, and optimizing meta tags
  3. Search engine penalty monitoring and protection

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  1. Search engine penalty monitoring and protection

  2. Controlled advertising costs for smaller budgets

  3. Immediate results allows for manageable adjustments

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  1. Exposure to massive mobile user base with over 1 billion members
  2. Diverse tool set allows for controlled target audiences and new lead generation
  3. Facebook remarketing can boost engagement and conversion rates
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Social Media Management

  1. Gain more online brand and product presence through social media
  2. Take control of your brand's reputation by responding to feedback quickly!
  3. Use social media to your advantage to get the most out of your business
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